Veni, Vidi, Vici: How to Conquer Winter Viruses Before They Conquer You

By this time in winter, many of you  may have already experienced your first cold (or two). For those who still haven’t, congrats on your sustaining victory! Either you have one hell of an immune system or you’ve learned how to play the “Dodge Sick People and Germy Places” game very well. But eventually, we all catch one of those pesky cold and/or flu viruses at some point in our lives. But you’re in luck! I have compiled a short how-to-guide of tips that will aid you tremendously in staying healthy all 365 days.

BEFORE YOU READ WARNING: Remember to always consult your physician before you begin a new regimen of vitamin or herbal supplements. I don’t want anyone to take anything that contraindicates (i.e. adverse effects) your current prescription drugs or treatments. Always safety first kiddos 🙂


1.) Make Vitamin C & D3 Your Best Friends

Whether you take a daily multivitamin or not, I bet most of you are still not getting enough of these two key immunity-  building vitamins. Scientific research has proven Vitamin C to be a powerful anti-viral and immunity booster. And Vitamin D3 is not only great for your bones and calcium absorption,  but it’s also an important enhancer of immunity. And no, a glass of milk or OJ will not simply do the trick.

  • Suggested  Dose: Vitamin C (500-1,000mg); Vitamin D3 (1,000-2,000IU)
  • Vitamin Ray’s Dose: Vitamin C (1,000-2,000IU); Vitamin D3 (1,500IU)

2.) You Must Get Plenty Of Rest To Be At Your Best!

I know sleep can get in the way of work, school, and having an active social life. However, lack of sleep will eventually weaken your immune system and leave you miserable. You’re not invincible, and even the super hero needs some type of normal sleep schedule to be efficient. Aim for 7-8hrs/night (or day for you night owls).

3.) Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands

Before you eat or touch your face and mouth, remember to wash your hands first. So many germs and viruses can get into your system just by touching your eyes, mouth, nose, etc. I’m not saying to become OCD about it. But do be mindful and conscientious. Remember, some cold viruses can live on certain surfaces for  up to 6hrs or more. Yuck!

4.) Sanitize Your PHONES

Cell phones…the one thing most of us digital folks can’t live without. Sad to say,  they are also germ magnets. When was the last time you took the time to wipe down your cell phone with a alcohol-based wipe? Can’t remember? Gross! You have to wipe these devices regularly. There are studies that revealed cell phones to contain more bacteria than a toilet handle! Some cells even tested positive for MRSA…yikes.


Whatever your method of fitness (walking, running, climbing, Zumba, yoga, etc)…just do it! Health experts have the statistics to support the immunity benefits of keeping an active lifestyle. People who exercise on average 4-5 days a week for at least 20-30 minutes/day tend to stave off cold and flu viruses better, and if they do get sick then the duration time tends to be much shorter. And let’s say you think it’s too cold to exercise and just rather cuddle with your sweetie. Well hey, I’m sure there are other forms of indoor exercise you two can come up with to still produce some great benefits 😉

Thanks for tuning in! Hope this helps you stay healthy and happy this winter 🙂



3 thoughts on “Veni, Vidi, Vici: How to Conquer Winter Viruses Before They Conquer You

  1. I’m definitely a fanatic about #4. If I have to use my phone for longer than a few mins, I plug in my head-phones simply because I can’t stand the idea of it touching my face. And I wipe it down with hand sanitizer at-least twice a week. Speaking of vitamins; is it possible to take too many vitamins? What constitutes as too much?

    • Thanks for taking the time to post your comments and questions! To answer your questions, yes you can take too many vitamins. As the old adage goes, too much of anything is a bad thing. However, you have to take super high doses of vitamins to produce overdose and/or adverse effects in a healthy individual. When beginning a new supplement regimen, stick to the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) guidelines and consult with your primary care provider. As you continue your regimen, you may find you need to either add or lower the concentration amounts to better suit your bodily needs. Remember, vitamins and herbal supplements are great tools for helping to restore balance to our bodies when there are nutritional deficiencies. So take supplements based on the areas in your body where you feel deficient and imbalanced. When the body is in balance, ailments and disease can no longer thrive and weaken you. The following links take you to the USDA site for dietary guidelines and to the Lenntech site that list various vitamins and minerals RDAs and overdose effects:

      Hope this helps!!

  2. Sooo true, Good advice Ray. I take my Vitamin C and everyday. Havn’t caught a cold yet, knock on wood. I finished my C, so I’m left with only D. I need to buy my multivitamin anyway. I also try to get in a lot of antioxidants from fruits. Anything to boost my immune system is ok with me. My mom swears by her acai berry juice/syrupy bottle from Costco so I am drinking that as well.

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