Dashed out the gate…but then fell HARD!

A new year is a symbol of a fresh start, new goals, and new experiences. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions with the hopes of being able to accomplish them before the year is out. Two of the most popular resolutions pertain to losing weight and becoming more healthy.

With that said, how are you guys doing on those  resolutions? Have you fallen off the wagon? Or better yet…did you even get on it to begin with? Ha! The truth is nearly 75% of us abandon our resolutions before the end of the year. Wow…talk about commitment-phobia!

And I will admit, I have been guilty of it too. But I realized that many of our health and fitness resolutions can be too ambitious and lack a realistic game plan or routine. People want fast results in a short amount of time. A side effect of living in the “instant gratification” era.

My solution: BABY STEPS! Small changes lead to big results- Start first by finding and making a small, but significant, change and gradually build on it over time.


1.) Don’t cut out desserts if you love them. Instead, limit yourself to one single serving sweet treat a day. Keep it 200 calories or less (i.e. 1/2 c of ice cream or frozen yogurt, a piece of chocolate or candy, a small cookie, etc.). Eventually, you will build to replacing one or two desserts with a fruit servings.

2.) New to exercise…no problem! Do not start yourself on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s old gym routine or try to run/walk  5 miles. Start yourself off slow. Begin with engaging in a light to moderate exercise 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes at a time. Forget about counting the miles and calories. Just focus on elevating your heart beat and pacing yourself. Also, try to get a workout  buddy! Research shows having a workout buddy will not only help you burn more calories but also make exercise fun 🙂

3.) Eat Your Breakfast! Yes, it is the most important meal of the day. You need to break your fasting mode to jump start your metabolism. Aim for a healthy breakfast averaging 200-300 calories (i.e. egg white omelet and a bowl of oatmeal, homemade smoothie and peanut butter toast, a bowl of cereal (avoid the high-carb, sugary kinds) with a bowl of fruit, etc).

4.) Add A Few More Veggies, Kids! Find a way to incorporate one serving of  fresh raw fruits or vegetables to at least 2 of your meals a day. It can be as simple as eating fruit at breakfast and carrot sticks and dip at lunch. Or, if you have a juicer then juice up your rabbit food if it’s easier for you to drink it.

5.) That’s High Quality H2o- By far the most important baby step is to try to drink more water. The benefits of water are endless. If you are addicted to soda and sugar juices, try to reduce your intake to no more than 12oz a day. You eventually want to eliminate these crap liquids from your daily diet completely. But for now, gulp down at least 32-48oz of water a day. Your goal by the summer is to drink 64oz of water each day and zilch sugar crap liquid. You will whine at first, but I know you’ll see and feel the difference in a couple of weeks.

My list can go on and on, but let’s not stray from the theme…Baby Steps. Choose your baby steps to best suit the  healthier lifestyle you are trying to achieve, and remember it takes TIME to yield those big results. Additionally, allow yourself room for human error, and don’t beat yourself up if one day you wander a bit from the  path. Simply refocus your goals and just get yourself back on track the next day. Whether your reason for becoming healthy is to lose weight, slow down aging, gain more energy, live longer or rev up your libido, it’s clearly advantageous on any level.

Lesson Overview: Aiming small and achieving long-lasting results is better than starting  big and then crashing hard.


2 thoughts on “Dashed out the gate…but then fell HARD!

  1. Oh wow, I just love reading these blogs! Not only are they very informative, but, so lively and fun reading. This blog describes me well. When I start a diet change, coupled with exercise, I become anxious for immediate results.

    Vitamin Ray, I will take your advice and try to exercise more patience for visible results. Keep the good blogs coming! 😉

  2. That’s what I’m doing now, and how I’m thinking. It’s made such a huge difference! It’s great to have tips like this out there. I also think there’s a difference between going to the gym and eating healthy every once in a while vs changing your lifestyle for a healthier one. I hope more people strive for the latter 🙂

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