Hello All! On this post, I have a nice treat for you…Mountain Pose. Whether you practice yoga regularly, occasionally, or you’re a complete newbie, this particular pose is great for everyone.

Mountain Pose (or Tadasana) is a basic foundation pose practiced in yoga that stretches the back,  strengthens your core and  posture muscles, and improves overall alignment. I love practicing the Mountain Pose  in my daily life when I take breaks from my desk job, at a rest stop on road trip, and whenever I just need a good stretch and crack in my back and shoulders.

Follow the pictures and guide below, and you too can  also start reaping the great benefits. Who knows, this might entice you newbies to actually embark on a yoga class or two.


Begin your Mountain Pose by standing up with feet close together and your hands and arms in a prayer position. Take a few deep breaths to relax your muscles and core. This helps to alleviate stress and tension so you can achieve a good stretch.






Next, raise your hands and arms to an overhead position.

Remember to inhale as you do this.





Now for the best part!

Exhale your breath as you bend backwards and hold this position for a few seconds.

Only go as far as your body will allow while still feeling comfortable. Please don’t get too zealous and throw your back out. This isn’t Cirque Du Soleil or a yogi retreat. This pose  is meant to relax and stretch you in a GOOD way 🙂





Reverse your steps until you’ve returned to the starting position.

Didn’t that feel good?! I hope so for you sake 🙂

Namaste Everyone!




Need a little more visualization? No prob, check out my  video above to see how the Mountain Pose looks when I do all the steps together.



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