It time to resume your doses of Vitamin Ray!

I’m glad to finally make my return to blogging after an eight month hiatus. It’s great to be back!!  I look forward to sharing my new adventures, teachings, and discoveries with all of you. However, there will be a few new changes for the new year.

My new entries will not include my medical opinion, suggestions, or advice because it can be misconstrued as “practicing medicine” since I am now a current medical doctorate candidate. Even my well-advised disclaimers are not enough legal protection, and violation could prevent me from  obtaining my future medical license. The good news is that my previous entries written prior to my enrollment are technically safe to remain active thanks to the first amendment.

Now that the legal stuff is out of the way, let’s answer the more pertinent question…what have I been doing on my hiatus? Well, glad you asked…here’s a brief recap:

May-July 2011: Preparing for the BIG move out west. Working, packing, and making more phone calls then you can imagine (Seriously, my phone bills during those months were INSANE!).

July 16, 2011:  Finally arrived in Portland, OR  (cue “gates of heaven opening” music)

July 16-September 11th: Exploring my new city, making new friends, enjoying final weeks of freedom before the grind.

September 12th: First official day of new life begins (a.k.a. first day of med school, yay!!)

September 12th- December 9th:  First Fall Term (my academic BOOT CAMP. Status: successful completion! )

December 9th- Now:  RECOVERY MODE!!!

What to expect from my revamped blog:

I will still post links to my favorite news stories and couple them with my own naturopathic philosophy and teachings. In lieu of advice,  I will post mini-reviews on different books and documentaries, so you will know which resources to search if you have a certain health or medical question.

Also, stay tuned to hearing about my personal adventures with school, health, and business related experiences. As I expand my yoga practice, I will try to post different poses and tips that you can use in your own practice. And of course, an occasional delicious recipe post is a must!

As you can imagine, school is a huge balancing act in itself. Nonetheless, my goal is to post at least once a month. Please continue to pass my blog along to different friends and family who have not read it yet. I guarantee that if you stick it out with me over the next few years, you will not be disappointed!

And as always, feedback is welcomed so leave your comments, questions, blurbs, etc. I am signing off for now…but not for long this time!

Peace, Blessings, and Love!



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