Greetings Everyone, I have a treat for you today! Since the weather is beginning to warm up, the cold smoothies and drinks are making a come back! If you’re like me, I never stop drinking them even when it gets below freezing outside and you’ll soon understand why.

Today, I’m sharing my smoothie recipe for the Mean Green Antioxidant Machine. It is a recipe that is highly adaptable based on your tastes or different needs, but below is the basic recipe that is great as itself. In this recipe, you will receive great doses of vitamins A, B, C, E, K, iron, potassium, folate, and many more to boost your vitality. I usually drink this smoothie 3-5 days a week. For you “dieters” and “detoxers,” this drink is low calorie, so you can sip away knowing you’re not filling up on empty, nutrition-deficient calories as you would with a diet soda or diet shake.

Mean Green Antioxidant Machine Recipe

Extracted from Google Images. One day folks...I'll invest in a good camera and take my own pics ūüôā

2-3 cups of fresh organic spinach leaves

1/2 cup of fresh organic parsley leaves

3/4 cup of water

2-3 ice cubes

1/2 a small apple (chopped)

1/2 a banana (sliced)

1/2 tbsp of lemon juice

*1/4 tsp of powder probiotic (optional)

*1 tbsp of ground flax seed (optional)

Blend all ingredients in blender on high until completely¬†liquefied. If you don’t have a Vitamix or something similar, you may need to use a spoon to help coax along the blending. Avoid adding too much extra water or it will become too watery and bland.¬†

Bottoms up….drink to your health!

**Feel free to tweak the recipe around to your taste. Sometimes I add frozen blueberries or strawberries. You can also use other types of greens such as kale, romaine lettuce, etc. If you want it as a meal replacement, you can add protein powders, milk, yogurt, avocado or even nut butters. The sky is the limit!

Want more drink ideas? Additional Vitamin Ray-Approved super-drink recipes  are at Dr.

Also, check out this link to see the vitamin and nutrient information for different fruits and vegetables. This can be a great tool for helping you to tailor your super drinks to what you feel your body needs in nutrition. (link extracted from


Hello folks!

One of my good friends enlightened me today to an article written in The Wall Street Journal titled:

To Pay Off Loans, Grads Put Off Marriage, Children

Unfortunately, this seems to be the new reality for many current and post students such as myself. While I have faith that I didn’t make it this far in my path to fail and end up bankrupt, some others are not as fortunate in preventing that travesty for themselves. Please take a moment to read the article. I’m sure either you or someone you know might be in similar predicaments.

Also, you can help take a stand in helping graduates have a fighting chance post-graduation by making sure you vote for political representatives who are IN FAVOR of student loan forgiveness. Starting this year, the Federal Subsidized Student Loan program is being phased out. Students will now be forced to rely on Federal Unsubsidized and Grad Plus loans (interest accruing while still in school), as well as, private loans (this worse of the offenders due to uncapped interests rates and shaky contractual agreements). This is SERIOUS! Do not believe this is only the “youth” of America’s problem…this will ultimately affect us all and serve an a future indicator for our economy.

Okay…I’m coming off my soapbox. For more information about petitioning to allow student loan forgiveness programs, please check out this link.

Peace and Love,

Vitamin Ray

Hot Dog Lovers…BEWARE!

The HOT DOG…such a typical “American” food! ¬†Did you know that the average American consumes up to 70 hot dogs a year?!! I think the last time I ate a hot dog was 12 years ago, and my stomach and liver are deeply grateful for it.

If you enjoy partaking in this grilled American classic, it’s time to learn about what you’re consuming. Check out the video below courtesy of Joy Bauer (celebrity nutritionist) from her website¬†(Food Cures).


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The Spring season symbolizes a myriad of meanings. It is the time we transition from Winter, the season of our most holiest holidays, and the beginning of renewal and bloom. Spring cleaning is not only the clean up of our homes and gardens, but also of our bodies and mind.

I utilize the Spring to detox my mind and body from the impurities I have accumulated over the Winter months. I see it as a personal “Spring cleaning.” I found a couple of articles that offer great detox advice. Feel free to peruse the links and see if they can be useful in your own Spring cleaning.

1.) Ten tips for a spring detox to rejuvenate your liver (Natural News)

2.)  7 detox recipes for a healthy cleanse (NewHope360: Delicious Living)

Magnesium & High Blood Pressure


Courtesy Google Images

I often read the Natural Medicine Journal to see what are the latest evidence-based research studies that prove the validity of naturopathic medicine treatments. The most recent study I read about was on the effects of magnesium on lowering high blood pressure. The study yielded significant results. In science jargon, it means that the effects were not a fluke and indicates promise in the use of magnesium for future treatments in hypertensive patients.

Below is the link for the research article. Perhaps at your next doctor’s visit, you can show him or her a copy of the study if you’re one of the thousands of people who suffer from hypertension. If you don’t have the condition, then pass along the article to someone who can also benefit from this knowledge. Remember, knowledge is power!

Magnesium and High Blood Pressure (Natural Medicine Journal)