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The Spring season symbolizes a myriad of meanings. It is the time we transition from Winter, the season of our most holiest holidays, and the beginning of renewal and bloom. Spring cleaning is not only the clean up of our homes and gardens, but also of our bodies and mind.

I utilize the Spring to detox my mind and body from the impurities I have accumulated over the Winter months. I see it as a personal “Spring cleaning.” I found a couple of articles that offer great detox advice. Feel free to peruse the links and see if they can be useful in your own Spring cleaning.

1.) Ten tips for a spring detox to rejuvenate your liver (Natural News)

2.)  7 detox recipes for a healthy cleanse (NewHope360: Delicious Living)


2 thoughts on “SPRING CLEANING!

  1. Glad your back Vitamin Ray! And yes, Spring time is a great time for renewal of the mind, body and spirit. Thanks for the tips. I will try to implement at least one 🙂

  2. Awwwh…great tips for detoxing/Spring cleaning the body. Also, I reviewed the article on the power of Cinnamon spice for diabetes and pre-diabetes. Awesome presentation indeed. I’m making the commitment to start right now!

    Love you Vitamin Ray!

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