Hot Dog Lovers…BEWARE!

The HOT DOG…such a typical “American” food!  Did you know that the average American consumes up to 70 hot dogs a year?!! I think the last time I ate a hot dog was 12 years ago, and my stomach and liver are deeply grateful for it.

If you enjoy partaking in this grilled American classic, it’s time to learn about what you’re consuming. Check out the video below courtesy of Joy Bauer (celebrity nutritionist) from her website (Food Cures).


2 thoughts on “Hot Dog Lovers…BEWARE!

  1. UH OH! I love Beef Hotdogs! But, with my awareness of it’s high levels of sodium and fat, I only indulge occasionally. Good info!

  2. My husband and I like to eat a Nathan’s HD once in a while (at the most one serving a month. I know HD’s are gross, but we do love Nathan’s washed down with a big jug of Coca Cola, also the only time we have a soda. Thanks for the good post!

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