Hello folks!

One of my good friends enlightened me today to an article written in The Wall Street Journal titled:

To Pay Off Loans, Grads Put Off Marriage, Children

Unfortunately, this seems to be the new reality for many current and post students such as myself. While I have faith that I didn’t make it this far in my path to fail and end up bankrupt, some others are not as fortunate in preventing that travesty for themselves. Please take a moment to read the article. I’m sure either you or someone you know might be in similar predicaments.

Also, you can help take a stand in helping graduates have a fighting chance post-graduation by making sure you vote for political representatives who are IN FAVOR of student loan forgiveness. Starting this year, the Federal Subsidized Student Loan program is being phased out. Students will now be forced to rely on Federal Unsubsidized and Grad Plus loans (interest accruing while still in school), as well as, private loans (this worse of the offenders due to uncapped interests rates and shaky contractual agreements). This is SERIOUS! Do not believe this is only the “youth” of America’s problem…this will ultimately affect us all and serve an a future indicator for our economy.

Okay…I’m coming off my soapbox. For more information about petitioning to allow student loan forgiveness programs, please check out this link.

Peace and Love,

Vitamin Ray



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