You know you’re in ND school when…

Your naturopathic friends begin describing you by your homeopathic remedy.

For example:

Friend says to me, “Vitamin Ray, you’re such a nux vomica”

My reply:


*For those who aren’t familiar with homeopathy, it’s the medicine based on the philosophy that “like cures like” by using small doses of a diluted herb indicated for a set of symptoms. Everyone has a base remedy that reflects your state of health and overall constitution. When you start learning remedies, each remedy is taught based on the symptoms a person reflects (i.e. mental, physical, and emotional symptoms). The more a person is in imbalance, the worse these symptoms appear. If someone calls you out by your remedy, it usually means you’re reflecting imbalance and need to take a dose of that remedy to set you straight again.

Given that my colleagues and I are in medical school and it’s highly stressful, we tend to show our indicated “remedies” rather strongly. With that said, it’s pretty funny how once you receive a dose of your remedy a person’s whole personality and behavior can change (i.e. a raging ass transforms into a sweet saint). Homeopathy is a powerful treatment modality and I believe it’s an amazing curative tool for a plethora of conditions. It’s been tried and tested 😉



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