My week summed up…

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WHEEWW!! I’m telling you America…that was one HELL of a week!!

This week was a week of many firsts:

  • First time I adjusted someone’s spine in class. Haha! All I had to do was put the person on his back, ask him to cross his arms over his chest (as if giving himself a bear hug), then lay on top of him horizontally while making sure my boobs didn’t hit  his face. Oh yea folks…we learn to get nice and personal with our fellow classmates. NO BOUNDARY ISSUES HERE (ya right)!! No worries though, a quick little thrust of my body weight onto him gave his thoracic spine a nice release!! Glad I was able to make SOMEBODY feel good this week 😛
  • First time I gave a male genitourinary exam. I already explained to you how that made me feel.
  • First GPA/Clinic Entrace Exam. That was today and by far the most nerve-racking experience of the week. Fingers crossed…hopefully I passed. I’ll let you know in 5 days!!
  • First Pathology IV test of the quarter. Oh the kidneys! They are complicated little f**kers!! I’m serious!! So many details. Let’s hope I didn’t fail that one either because my mental and emotional exhaustion won over my capacity to truly study and retain.
  • First full week of sunshine since before Spring Break. Oh yes…that’s been the highlight! In the words of Halle Berry’s character from Monster’s Ball, “Make me feel good…make me feel GOOOOODDD!!”

All in all folks…I dodged a lot of close calls. Cheers to a mellow weekend and hoping next week is a little less crazy and novel. Sometimes the “same ol’ same ol'” can be quite refreshing and comforting then handling all the new.

P.S. Mad thanks to all my new visitors to the page this week. Your patronage is much appreciated. You guys keep my light glowing. I also love my veterans too!!

Stay tuned for your next dose of Vitamin Ray!



4 thoughts on “My week summed up…

  1. You’re so funny!  I love your posts cuz!  Thanks for keeping it    real!  Love ya

    Sent from Samsung tabletA Dose of Vitam

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