When I asked a 3rd year student how did she survive her 2nd year…

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When I first came to naturopathic school and didn’t realize hugging is the secondary language…

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When someone tries to steal my favorite nap spot on the couch in the study room…

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What can I say…interfering with my power naps on 12hr days is a dangerous feat 😉

What I wanted to do during the CPD “quiz” this morning…

What the hell was that all about? The response: “I was challenging you guys to think on a deeper level.”

Well “quiz”…

On a happy note…at least I can let that be the one that I drop. 😉

When asked in homeopathy class what I think is the “essence” of the case…

Ha…and I sure in hell didn’t get the homeopathic remedy right for the case either. Oh well!

Happy Memorial Day: May our lost heroes never be forgotten

Thank you to our dearest departed warriors for your service!!


Deciding if I should study today….

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Yeeeeaa, I’m going to enjoy this extra free day and save my productivity for my extra day off, Memorial Day.

Enjoy the sun, frolic, and have good times my friends!! When the universe hands you an extra free day…use it for rest!

I know I have severe burn-out when it’s a 3-day-weekend and friends asking me to hang out or party get this response from me…

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Nothing personal, friends, I love you dearly. I just love sleep and vegging-out even more!

When I overhear classmates discussing answers after a test and realize I missed more questions than I previous thought…

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But on a good note, there have been times when I’ve gotten all the questions I wasn’t sure on correct and I feel like doing this:

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When I find out my last class of the day is cancelled…

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I wish test days would get cancelled too!