Finishing my last day as a ND2

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Here’s to being 50% a doctor! And my advice for moving forward?

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Getting sick during finals

Before getting sick, my days already felt like I’ve hit rock bottom…

Why I think ND & MSOM Students are Yin & Yang

ND students:

MSOM/Chinese med students:

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In general, the Chinese medicine students are just a happy, sweet, calm and relaxed bunch! Even when they are stressed they are still smiling, happy, chatting and drinking tea!

While ND students think: “Tea?!! Who has time to sip tea?! Give me the largest effin coffee you got so I can crank out hours of cramming! You want to chat? Let’s chat about the pathophysiology of XYZ and what could be possible test questions.”

My impression of ND Students: Always stressing, rushing, panicking, bitching, moaning, cranky, and usually depressed. Sigh…sometimes I wonder why did I pick the “dark side”, haha. Maybe secretly…I kinda like it 😉

When someone says “Ohh, you’re in nursing school,” after I stated I’m in med school

I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying this:

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Since when did saying you’re in “MEDICAL SCHOOL” = becoming a nurse?! If I was in nursing school then I would say, “I’m in nursing school.” Seriously, you’d be surprised how often this happens to me!

Don’t get me wrong, I think nurses are amazing and the medical field would be lost without them. Nurses are my biggest supporters and I appreciate all that they do!

However, I find it a bit offensive when I’m busting my ass through four years of intense grad school, paying six figures, and tortured on a daily basis all for dumb-asses to assume I’m only a nursing student.  Come on people, check your mouth before you wreck it!

Lesson of the day: Don’t make assumptions without all the right facts. Better yet, just don’t make assumptions. Period.


What medical students do for fun, Part IV: A night on the town w/ non-med school friends

At 8PM I’m feeling like: hhheeeyyyyyyy!!!

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By 10PM I’m usually pulling one of these numbers…

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So much for a long night on the town! Weekend bedtime hits me by 10PM! A far cry from the night-owl I once was and used to dance until 3AM.

Working out since being in med school

The first five minutes..

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After that…

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Oh how I covet the day where I won’t feel so out of breath after climbing one flight of stairs! I still have hope!!

What 2nd year does to people by the end of Spring

Especially by the time we get to finals in Spring quarter

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And in the words of one of my besties: “I’ve ran all out of f**ks to give!” True story!

After I finished my CPD screening physical and NMT exams…

I wanted to tell the world

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When they give us holidays off but make us make-up the missed class days during study week…


Me vs. Med school

I’m the cow…

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Pretty much, I pay $$$$$ to get my ass beat (mentally, emotionally, & physically) everyday!

I do not recommend going to grad school if you can find other ways to be successful. However, sometimes we don’t have a choice and additional schooling/credentialing is a necessity to achieve success.

For me, I chose a lifestyle…not just a career. There are many challenges and sacrifices that accompany this lifestyle, but I know I wouldn’t be as happy with my life if I became anything else other than a doctor and a healer.