Be Loved

Beautiful post written by a beautiful friend. Please read and show her some love 🙂

On the Edge of the Well



Doesn’t even just reading the word conjure up a whole lot of something in you? Love calls to us. It reaches deep inside us to places that are sometimes covered in murk and weed and forget, but always there nonetheless. While maybe feeling new and uncomfortable, love never feels foreign. It feels more like…home.

Love resonates with our core because we were created to love, and to love deeply.

Though loving others is not a given–it is a choice. Thus, it involves us, as individuals, in two capacities: 1) our choice to gift it away; and 2) our openness to being its channel. A vessel to be filled to overflowing so that others may drink of the cup.

Because love is all about others. It is outward focused.

Have you ever thought, “I will be Love’s fool”? Not a question, not a statement made with an outcome attached, but rather a quiet surrender, a…

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