When I momentarily debate on wearing Depends during my boards exam to avoid using the bathroom while testing

A part of me thinks it’s a good idea…while the other part says it’s a crazy idea:

 Animated Gif on Giphy

Ultimately, my inner Cuddy won (FOR ONCE!!). Like I said…it was just a passing thought. Crazy thoughts and ideas are side effects of my burn-out. But wouldn’t it be great to stay well-hydrated while maximizing test time? Catheter maybe? Hahahaha, I kid..I kid 😉


The truth about doctors/med students hygiene…

A horrible fact I hate to admit is that I have witnessed on more than one occasion health practitioners leaving the bathroom without washing their hands. I suddenly enter a Seinfeld moment…

Rule of advice: ALWAYS make sure the doctor/med student washes his or her hands before touching you!! 

And for the offenders out there: