My default response when friends ask me “how’s life treating you?”

This isn’t pessimism folks…it’s real life! I think we all can relate to having days where you just feel utterly defeated in your efforts. Some days can even seem futile. Whether people want to admit it or not, med school definitely consists of days like that (at least for me it is).

What motivates me to keep going? Ha! I guess ultimately I know failure is NOT an option. I also don’t try to fight my feelings when they hit. If I have to go cry and yell that sh*t out for a few minutes, then I do. I also find it helpful to exercise or either call a friend who I know won’t say cliche inspirational b.s. to me to make me feel better, but actually listen and let me vent.

We all have good and bad days…one isn’t necessarily better or worse than the other since both are important to cultivating who we are.


My idea of a great vacation

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Finishing my last day as a ND2

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Here’s to being 50% a doctor! And my advice for moving forward?

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When someone tries to steal my favorite nap spot on the couch in the study room…

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What can I say…interfering with my power naps on 12hr days is a dangerous feat 😉

Deciding if I should study today….

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Yeeeeaa, I’m going to enjoy this extra free day and save my productivity for my extra day off, Memorial Day.

Enjoy the sun, frolic, and have good times my friends!! When the universe hands you an extra free day…use it for rest!

When I find out my last class of the day is cancelled…

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I wish test days would get cancelled too!