When I momentarily debate on wearing Depends during my boards exam to avoid using the bathroom while testing

A part of me thinks it’s a good idea…while the other part says it’s a crazy idea:

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Ultimately, my inner Cuddy won (FOR ONCE!!). Like I said…it was just a passing thought. Crazy thoughts and ideas are side effects of my burn-out. But wouldn’t it be great to stay well-hydrated while maximizing test time? Catheter maybe? Hahahaha, I kid..I kid 😉


Battered Woman!

You ever have the kind of day (or week) where it seems like YOU (not even life or other people, but YOU) are punching yourself in the face repeatedly by choice?

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That’s how this Monday felt. And we all know how I feel about these damn Mondays! Plus, midterms are here…yay 😦

For starters, began the morning off with the typical Monday 7:30AM “quiz.” Our professor must not have received the memo that he is suppose to test us on clinical symptoms and diagnoses…NOT pathology. Hmm, wonder who dropped the ball on serving up that reality check?! >>PUNCH #1

Next was a midterm in lab diagnosis, which was actually not bad at all. However, it still requires more brain power and energy than I would like to expend on a Monday morning>>>PUNCH #2

Stab Lab was today. Perfect timing, of course, because I just LOVE getting poked with a needle in three different areas of my body by my classmates! Today’s gift that keeps on giving involved me getting my blood drawn and getting two injections/shots of Vitamin B12…one just under my skin (intradermal) and the other into my arm (deltoid). Once again, I’m reminded how much I freaking HATE shots! Ohh no no no though…I can’t be aggravated by this. This was my choice to endure this after all :-)>>> PUNCH #3,4 &5!

I proceeded to go to one more class and then escaped to my aerial yoga practice to regain my composure. On the way home I realized I needed to go grocery shopping. “Damn! All right, let’s get this over with so I’m set for the week.” >>>PUNCH#6

On the way home from the grocery store, it dawns on me I forgot to pick up dog food! No biggie, I reasoned that I can just swing by the pet store on the way home. Well, the pet store that carries my “prima donna” dog’s special food was closed! >>PUNCH #7

So I drove a total of 20 extra miles to two more pet stores in hopes that I could find the food there. NO LUCK! >>PUNCH #8 & 9

Finally, I throw in the towel and just head home. I figured he’ll get to make a meal off doggie treats tonight. It’s like letting kids have icecream for dinner, right? By the time I handle all my other responsibilities…it’s after 9PM. I could either get online and blog to blow off some steam or hanker down and try to cram something “useful” into my tired, battered brain. Well…clearly my choice speaks for itself >>>PUNCH #10…but that last one actually felt kind of good!!

There you have it folks! I’m a bruised, stabbed, and battered woman today!

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But before I sign-off my friends, I’ll tell you one last thing about my “black and blue” battle wounds…