When asked in homeopathy class what I think is the “essence” of the case…

Ha…and I sure in hell didn’t get the homeopathic remedy right for the case either. Oh well!


You know you’re in ND school when…

Your naturopathic friends begin describing you by your homeopathic remedy.

For example:

Friend says to me, “Vitamin Ray, you’re such a nux vomica”

My reply:


*For those who aren’t familiar with homeopathy, it’s the medicine based on the philosophy that “like cures like” by using small doses of a diluted herb indicated for a set of symptoms. Everyone has a base remedy that reflects your state of health and overall constitution. When you start learning remedies, each remedy is taught based on the symptoms a person reflects (i.e. mental, physical, and emotional symptoms). The more a person is in imbalance, the worse these symptoms appear. If someone calls you out by your remedy, it usually means you’re reflecting imbalance and need to take a dose of that remedy to set you straight again.

Given that my colleagues and I are in medical school and it’s highly stressful, we tend to show our indicated “remedies” rather strongly. With that said, it’s pretty funny how once you receive a dose of your remedy a person’s whole personality and behavior can change (i.e. a raging ass transforms into a sweet saint). Homeopathy is a powerful treatment modality and I believe it’s an amazing curative tool for a plethora of conditions. It’s been tried and tested 😉