Why I think ND & MSOM Students are Yin & Yang

ND students:

MSOM/Chinese med students:

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In general, the Chinese medicine students are just a happy, sweet, calm and relaxed bunch! Even when they are stressed they are still smiling, happy, chatting and drinking tea!

While ND students think: “Tea?!! Who has time to sip tea?! Give me the largest effin coffee you got so I can crank out hours of cramming! You want to chat? Let’s chat about the pathophysiology of XYZ and what could be possible test questions.”

My impression of ND Students: Always stressing, rushing, panicking, bitching, moaning, cranky, and usually depressed. Sigh…sometimes I wonder why did I pick the “dark side”, haha. Maybe secretly…I kinda like it 😉


What 2nd year does to people by the end of Spring

Especially by the time we get to finals in Spring quarter

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And in the words of one of my besties: “I’ve ran all out of f**ks to give!” True story!

After I finished my CPD screening physical and NMT exams…

I wanted to tell the world

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First Year Anatomy Lab (aka Dead Lab)

Since I’ll soon be digging out my anatomy notes to prepare for boards this Summer, I’m reminded of when I first had anatomy lab as a lil newbie.

Before I entered my first Dead Lab:

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After I entered lab, the smell of formaldehyde and dead corpse filled my nose:

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I don’t miss that lab!

Conversations between burnt-out med students are sometimes like…

Somehow we’ve manifested our own language of exhaustion based in giggles, laughter, incomprehensible noises, grunts, and moans.

But guess what, do you know what pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis means? I do!! So that counts for something even if my everyday vocabulary had significantly decreased.

When it’s June and we’re still in classes while all the other schools are already out…

So close…2 more weeks!

P.S. I HATE the quarter system! It means an extra set of midterms and finals.

When I get a blank stare from a professor after I ask a reasonable question…

What I wish I could say next is…

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It gets to the point where the blank stares, smart ass replies, and being told you’re wrong countless times eventually makes you want to snap when coupled with burn-out. Luckily, I know how to excuse myself to fresh air and a walk when I need to regroup. Sigh…I’m sure we can all relate to having one of those moments with someone.