Averting a last minute panic attack the day before boards…

Had to smack some sense into myself:

 Animated Gif on Giphy

*Inject fake confidence* and 5 minutes later…

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Why I think ND & MSOM Students are Yin & Yang

ND students:

MSOM/Chinese med students:

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In general, the Chinese medicine students are just a happy, sweet, calm and relaxed bunch! Even when they are stressed they are still smiling, happy, chatting and drinking tea!

While ND students think: “Tea?!! Who has time to sip tea?! Give me the largest effin coffee you got so I can crank out hours of cramming! You want to chat? Let’s chat about the pathophysiology of XYZ and what could be possible test questions.”

My impression of ND Students: Always stressing, rushing, panicking, bitching, moaning, cranky, and usually depressed. Sigh…sometimes I wonder why did I pick the “dark side”, haha. Maybe secretly…I kinda like it 😉

The metamorphosis of taking midterms & finals…

First quarter of first year…

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Rest of first year and beginning of 2nd year…

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By the Spring of 2nd year…

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I don’t say “bring it on” because I’m ready and prepared or even a badass. In fact, it’s the opposite! I’m just too tired to freak out anymore. If anything, give me the damn tests so I can leave sooner and choose between sleep, eating, retail therapy, and/or lots of wine at happy hour!