Lessons from a Naturopath: When homemade herbal medicine backfires!!

It comes as no surprise that with “burn-out” there can be sleep issues. For me, I can be utterly exhausted by the end of the day but when I try to close my eyes and sleep my brain is still full throttle. So being the little astute naturopath that I am, I decide I will make my own sleep/relaxation tincture (click here to find out what a tincture is). Here are the results:

After 15min of taking my tincture last night…

What went WRONG was the effects didn’t wear off! I spent today feeling like this…

Stoned. Thumb it up... look at my profile for more funny gifs and videos

Lesson I learned: Do not take a double dose of herbal extracts made from very powerful botanical sedatives & relaxants. Especially if I haven’t tested the potency of the medicine yet and have school/work the next day. It will create the effects of feeling “high” and dropping my I.Q. ┬áby 30 points for at least 16-18hrs. Oops!!!

P.S. I’ll have the medicine making more mastered before you guys become my actual patients ­čÖé



You know you’re in ND school when…

Your naturopathic friends begin describing you by your homeopathic remedy.

For example:

Friend says to me, “Vitamin Ray, you’re such a nux vomica”

My reply:


*For those who aren’t familiar with homeopathy, it’s the medicine based on the philosophy that “like cures like” by using small doses of a diluted herb indicated for a set of symptoms. Everyone has a base remedy that reflects your state of health and overall constitution. When you start learning remedies, each remedy is taught based on the symptoms a person reflects (i.e. mental, physical, and emotional symptoms). The more a person is in imbalance, the worse these symptoms appear. If someone calls you out by your remedy, it usually means you’re reflecting imbalance and need to take a dose of that remedy to set you straight again.

Given that my colleagues and I are in medical school and it’s highly stressful, we tend to show our indicated “remedies” rather strongly. With that said, it’s pretty funny how once you receive a dose of your remedy a person’s whole personality and behavior can change (i.e. a raging ass transforms into a sweet saint). Homeopathy is a powerful treatment modality and I believe it’s an amazing curative tool for a plethora of conditions. It’s been tried and tested ­čśë


You know you’re in ND school when…

Your botanical medicine class makes herbal marshmallows in lab! Yes, using real marshmallow root (althea officinalis). This herb is a demulcent (aka slimy & mucilaginous) and acts as a great soother for coughs and sore throats (inflamed mucosa). I ate them up before I thought to take a picture. So this pic I found online will have to suffice. These look pretty close to what we made:

Might not look super appetizing but slap it on a graham cracker w/ some dark chocolate and you’ll be asking for s’mores!


Courtesy Google Images from diamon-naturals.us

Flowers are not just for aesthetics and sniffing. They can pack a powerful healing punch!

Flower essences…another incredible natural modality I have learned along my naturopathic medicine journey. Flower essences have been my new lifesavers for my frequent acute anxiety and stress caused by unrelenting work, non-stop tests and quizzes, financial woes, moments of self doubt (happens to the best of us), panic when you forget to study for a quiz or turn in an assignment (trust me…it can happen to even the most organized person when you take 30+ credits)and many more! When I take a few drops of a calming flower essence, POOF…instant calm and peace. Alas, I rest my case for why this natural aid is so powerful!

Courtesy Google Images via bachflower.com

The leading brand on the current market is┬áBach’s Rescue Remedy. Many of you might ┬áremember seeing ┬áthese products located near a check out cashier if you shop at Whole Foods or New Seasons. However, I recently learned that making your own flower essence is not only super cheap but just as beneficial!

How do they work? Long story short… flowers ┬áhave medicinal properties and healing energies. You can extract the healing energy and vitality from the flower. For anything that ails you…whether physical, spiritual, or emotional there is a flower whose “essence” you can use ┬áto alleviate your symptoms. This form of medicine is called “vibrational medicine.”

Have I peaked your interest? Good! Check out the article to learn more about flower essence and how they can begin helping you. Below are a few great books on the craft. Namaste!

Flower Essence Books:

1.) Flower Essence Repertory: A Comprehensive Guide to North American and English Flower Essences for Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being

2.) The Complete Book of Flower Essences: 48 Natural and Beautiful Ways to Heal Yourself and Your Life

3.) Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing