RECAP: Final Year, Graduation, and Medical Boards, Oh My!

Hello Folks! My apologies for my long absence. I blame life! And, the sobering fact that I can no longer multitask like I used to. Does anyone else feel the same struggle?

So let’s quickly bring y’all up to speed. Here’s what happened in the last 1.5yrs:

1.) Final year of med school: Rocky vs. The Russian

2.) Graduation Day- June 28, 2015


3.) Studied ….


and Completed Medical Board Licensing Exams


4.) Painfully confronted by the reality of being a new grad AGAIN:


5.) Paying bills without the help of loans and grants….the struggle is REAL:


What med school did to my dating life…

Before med school  burn out, I’d go on a date with a guy and think…

jennifer lawrence Animated Gif on Giphy

Now…it’s a steady stream of this answer from me…

None Animated Gif on Giphy

I’m faithful to my “ball-and-chain” called Med School not because I love him; in fact, I loathe the bastard and try to cheat on him constantly! However, he’s so controlling and manipulative that anyone outside of him doesn’t a stand a chance against his wrath! But guess what…I’m filing for a DIVORCE in 2 years!!! Graduation day 😉