After receiving my first shiatsu long form massage…

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One of the few perks of being a naturopathic medical student is getting free massages from the bodywork and massage classes. I had no clue what I was in store for when my classmate asked if I could receive a shiatsu massage from her. Now, I can never go back to Swedish massages again!! I’ve found a new LOVE ­čÖé

Don’t know what it is? Check out this video!

What do med students do for fun?

Haha, well that certainly depends on the med student. Some have NO fun! Some have A LOT of fun. And some squeeze in small bouts of fun. I’m definitely the latter, and what I got into last night for fun was my first Pole Dance class.

It was my friend’s birthday and she decided to host a pole dance party with her close girlfriends at a pole dance studio. She’s been at this hobby for a year and she pretty much looked like this to me…

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Pretty damn impressive!! I, on the other hand, was a little more like this…

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HAHAHA! Ok I wasn’t that bad actually! I was surprised by what my body allowed me to do, but I can thank my aerial yoga classes for that (to be discussed at another time)! By the end of it, I was a battered woman, and I woke up this morning with the bruises and sore muscles to prove it. No pain…no gain!


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Flowers are not just for aesthetics and sniffing. They can pack a powerful healing punch!

Flower essences…another incredible natural modality I have learned along my naturopathic medicine journey. Flower essences have been my new lifesavers for my frequent acute anxiety and stress caused by unrelenting work, non-stop tests and quizzes, financial woes, moments of self doubt (happens to the best of us), panic when you forget to study for a quiz or turn in an assignment (trust me…it can happen to even the most organized person when you take 30+ credits)and many more! When I take a few drops of a calming flower essence, POOF…instant calm and peace. Alas, I rest my case for why this natural aid is so powerful!

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The leading brand on the current market is┬áBach’s Rescue Remedy. Many of you might ┬áremember seeing ┬áthese products located near a check out cashier if you shop at Whole Foods or New Seasons. However, I recently learned that making your own flower essence is not only super cheap but just as beneficial!

How do they work? Long story short… flowers ┬áhave medicinal properties and healing energies. You can extract the healing energy and vitality from the flower. For anything that ails you…whether physical, spiritual, or emotional there is a flower whose “essence” you can use ┬áto alleviate your symptoms. This form of medicine is called “vibrational medicine.”

Have I peaked your interest? Good! Check out the article to learn more about flower essence and how they can begin helping you. Below are a few great books on the craft. Namaste!

Flower Essence Books:

1.) Flower Essence Repertory: A Comprehensive Guide to North American and English Flower Essences for Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being

2.) The Complete Book of Flower Essences: 48 Natural and Beautiful Ways to Heal Yourself and Your Life

3.) Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing