My medical boards test day in a nutshell…

Test begins and several questions in:

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Turning point during test:

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Post test:

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Did I mention I have to have my whole apartment packed and moved in 36hrs?

Wine and packing…haha, that can’t be a good combination!

Great job to all the peeps who suffered through boards today! Go have celebratory drinks for me and enjoy the rest of your Summer!!

Averting a last minute panic attack the day before boards…

Had to smack some sense into myself:

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*Inject fake confidence* and 5 minutes later…

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Last weekend before boards…

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I find myself fluctuating between feeling indifferent to having full-on murderous anger. I’m happy to soon get boards over with, but I’m dreading the action of getting it done. A part of me wants to be left alone this weekend to process my feelings and do my final study reviews. However, there is also a part of me that says “F**k this test! I’m not reading or doing another damn thing and it’s time to get mutha-truckin TURNT UP!”

Alas, I abandon my wild impulses and quietly return to studying; meanwhile, I have occasional thoughts of eating a salty gluten-filled soft jumbo pretzel since I’m now on day 26 without eating sugar or gluten. Hmm, perhaps that’s partially why I want to murder someone too!


When multiple friends completely unload all of their study tips and advice to me about boards thinking it’ll help my preparation

Thanks dudes but sometimes too many tips and advice are NOT helpful and forces me to say…

And now here’s my own advice that I’m following to prepare for boards: Ignore everyone and just do YOU!

At the end of the day, you know yourself best and what works well.  It’s easy to allow everybody else’s panic, anxiety, thoughts and advice to overwhelm you because I almost started to let it affect me too.

Now when a friend asks me if I want his/her advice or recommendations about boards I simply say: “No thank you!” 🙂

Getting sick during finals

Before getting sick, my days already felt like I’ve hit rock bottom…

After I finished my CPD screening physical and NMT exams…

I wanted to tell the world

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When it’s June and we’re still in classes while all the other schools are already out…

So close…2 more weeks!

P.S. I HATE the quarter system! It means an extra set of midterms and finals.

When not even the fear of failing a test (or class) is enough to motivate me to study or last-minute-cram…

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And I don’t care because…

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And for the record, I hate when people say, “you’re almost there.” ALMOST doesn’t count! Either I’m done or not done. Haven’t y’all watched Star Wars and listened to Yoda? “Do or do not. There is no try”

Oohhh yea, that’s right…I pulled the nerd/geek card on y’all with my Yoda quote. Don’t act like you didn’t like it 😉

Deciding if I should study today….

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Yeeeeaa, I’m going to enjoy this extra free day and save my productivity for my extra day off, Memorial Day.

Enjoy the sun, frolic, and have good times my friends!! When the universe hands you an extra free day…use it for rest!