Thank you for visiting my blog! If you’re new to the page, you probably are a tad curious to know who is Vitamin Ray and what is the purpose of this blog?

“Vitamin Ray” was created a few years ago as an alias to write the latest information, research, and thoughts pertaining to CAM (complementary and alternative medicine), specifically naturopathic medicine. Initially, the goal was to provide sound health tips and advice to people still unaware of the healing power of nature and the human capacity for self-healing without the use of drugs and evasive surgery. In a country where only 17 states are licensed to allow naturopathic medical physicians, a blog of this nature is desperately needed to educate the masses of this valuable health care option.

This medicine is a vital part of everyone’s history! Naturopathic medicine existed long before allopathic medicine (aka M.D.’s), and at one point was almost eradicated from our American history. There is now a new movement of this medicine, thanks to ND pioneers and MDs (i.e Dr. Oz & Dr. Andrew Weil), and public demand for natural options and natural cures that no longer creates side effects and further induce illness.

After I matriculated into an accredited naturopathic medical school (NMS), the ability to provide this information in the form of advice was no longer possible due to the legal implications. Suddenly friendly health advice could now be misconstrued as “medical advice” and compromise my ability to obtain future medical licensing and credentialing.

In April 2013, during my 2nd year of NMS , the blog was revamped into a daily chronicle to express the humor, hardships, joys, and challenges of what I experience as a naturopathic medical student. This path is NOT easy; in many ways it is a greater struggle than that of our allopathic/MD counterparts. It’s a viewpoint that I believe deserves to be seen and heard; and with your permission and openness, I hope you will allow me express it to you.

The thoughts and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of Vitamin Ray and is not in any way affiliated with other institutions, businesses, or people. This blog is a venting tool in a lot of ways, but it is also meant for YOU, the reader. Regardless of whether you’re in the medical field or not, I hope everyone can find something on this blog that you can relate to and appreciate.

My ultimate goal is to not show the differences in our lives, but hopefully reveal there are many similarities in our attitudes and thoughts despite our differences. Here is my story…my daily struggle, sacrifice, and pursuit to become not just an incredible physician, but also a better human being. Please join me as I continue to embark on this journey. Thank you again for visiting my blog and I hope you will continue to follow it to see what shenanigans I stir up!

**DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor or licensed health expert, so any of my entries posted prior to September 2011 (prior to my enrollment) should not be followed as medical advice or consultation. Please always consult your licensed medical practitioner before you decide to try anything health or medically related.

AND, I did not make any of the gifs/memes used in my blog. Thanks interweb for the abundant funny resources!!

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